Body found in garage fire on Detroit's east side

Authorities in Detroit are investigating after a body was found Tuesday morning near a burning garage. 

The garage fire happened in the 12400 block of Goulburn, which is near Gratiot and E McNichols Road. 

An official with the Detroit Fire Department confirms a 20-year-old man was found dead inside a burning vehicle. 

Police were at the home searching around the burned garage, and in the yard and neighborhood. 

Neighbor D'Larry Godboett says this is just the latest in a string of bodies in the east side neighborhood.

"They found a body behind this house, in the garage, two months ago. There's another garage they found a body. There was a body burning up here in a van on Nashville. They're popping up everywhere," Godboett said. "It's alarming and concerning."

Authorities said they were called to put out the fire - only to find the dead man who had been shot inside the car. Detroit Police are investigating and say it's related to crime scene at East Outer Drive and 7 Miile.

"Witnesses say someone was shot there, put into silver SUV. Other officers about the same time heard a run come out for a vehicle being burned at this location. They did respond and found a similar vehicle and a unfortunately a deceased person inside the burning vehicle," said DPD commander Eric Decker.

Police are using surveillance video to help put together the two crime scenes.

"We did have Green Light in area and we were able to pick up some video of the vehicle traveling from there and we can place the vehicle between here and there," Decker said.

Neighbors says despite the recent death count, they don't have a lot of crime in the neighborhood and is upset bodies are being brought to their neighborhood.

Police are investigating if the area is being used as a dumping ground for dead bodies and are asking any possible witnesses to come forward.

The victim's name has not been released.