Boil water advisory downtown to last at least through Wednesday

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The glasses are empty at Lafayette Coney Island and the ice untouched. 

"We've got to give every customer bottled water," said Arafat Aiyash, of Lafayette. "We are running out of bottled water, we went through three cases already."

Monday was day two of a boil water advisory in downtown Detroit, declared after a water main broke late Saturday night, into Sunday morning.

"We have the first round of testing water samples that we took at Cobo Hall and all the fire stations in the area - we have the test results back and we are happy to say the results were negative," said Gary Brown, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Negative for any bacteria which was good news.

But the timing of this isn't good as media and vendors from all over the country and the world are in Detroit for the first day of the North American Auto Show at Cobo.

Signs were posted throughout the hall telling people not to drink tap water.

"What can you do, it's Murphy Law, right," said Gary Sheldt, in town for the auto show.

Under the boil water advisory, you must bring water to a boil for two minutes before using it for cooking.

At the 313 Curbside Eatery food truck - "We're lucky enough to have a 50-gallon water tank on our truck," said Chef Ty.

And the water not from an affected area in Detroit.

The boil water advisory expected to last until Wednesday or Thursday.