Bombshell accusation in 3-year-old's death

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The school says they knew nothing about the table being recalled. They say they perform weekly health and safety inspections throughout the building, but never found anything wrong. It turns out they weren't the only ones looking.

"There's a state inspection that happens whenever you're doing an early child hood facility"

That's said to have included the lunch table affixed to the gym wall that fell on top of 3-year-old Lilliana Kerr.

Louis Pinszker runs the agency that operates the Head Start school in S.t Albert's Parish in Dearborn Heights. He met with parents Friday night and told reporters the state inspection happens every two years, and the next was due in a few months.

"My heart just goes out to Lilliana's parents, their family. It's just such a tragic accident."

"It's a question of who inspected, who would've taken the table up because the table's gone now, so you know it's not going to happen. Or not use the gym in a dilapidated condition. You have to understand; this place was closed at one time and then reopened."

Greg Rohl says this tragedy was no freak accident. He's the lawyer representing the Kerr family and says the table that fell on Lilliana was on a recall list.

"There are labels that are affixed to these things and notices that are given out, and I don't know where this fell through the hole or the gap but unfortunately it did."

Randy: "No one picked up on what was wrong with it?"

Pinszker of the Wayne Metro Community Action Agency: "Up until the 20th, no one had any cause or concern that anything was wrong with the tables."

Pinszker says the school never used the tables and is now starting its own investigation into the purported recall and if the tables were properly maintained.

Parents that attended Friday night's meeting say they're heartbroken over Lilliana's death and are mildly encouraged the school will no longer use the gym for recess.

"As long as that gym is going to be closed down, I'm happy. I don't want my baby never back in that gym," said Tina Groves, a parent."

The schools will reopen some time next week. It's been closed since Lilliana died.