Bone Broth: What is it? And 3 recipes to try it

It's the latest diet fad among the stars. Models are known to drink it backstage during fashion shows. Weight loss expert Dr. Kellyann Petruci calls it liquid gold.

Why? She's been drinking it for 10 years, and swears by its health benefits. 

"It's got protein. It's got lots of minerals, and it's got that liquid gold ... collagen," Petruci says. "So, we're always buying collagen; we're putting it on our skin. But see, skin's never just "skin deep". You have to get deeper into those layers."

She says the collagen in bone broth will soak into the layers underneath the skin and help fight wrinkles, among other health benefits. 

"Here's the secret behind how this works. Your gut needs to be healthy. When your gut is healthy, everything else follows," she says. "The precursor, the common underpinning, [to many ailments] is always inflammation." She says the minerals in bone broth help the inflammation. 

She says it's very simple to make, too. 

"It's about two dollars a pound for bones. Go to your butcher, say, 'I'm going to make some soup. I need bones that have collages in it, that have connective tissue and that have marrow in it.' Put it in a pot, put some water over it and simmer it - you are done."

She says you can change the flavor in a variety of ways, too, depending what herbs or ingredients you'd like to add. 

She shared some of her recipes from her website, You can find some recipes for bone broth below. 

Dr. Petruci will also be speaking at The Art of Strength in Birmingham on Thursday, March 5.