'Bonnie and Clyde' of Sterling Heights steal 20 cartons of cigarettes on camera

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They're being called - the Bonnie and Clyde of Sterling Heights after breaking into a gas station to steal cigarettes - on camera.

The duo was caught on camera breaking into a Valero gas station at 14 Mile and Schoenherr on May 19. The pair wasn't even deterred by the blaring security alarms during the heist just after 4 a.m.

The Valero manager said they stole about 15 to 20 cartons of cigarettes and left damages including to the glass door totaling $2,000.
"They didn't appear to have any remorse in the video, either, said Sgt. Aaron Susalla. "It seemed like they were doing their job, like Bonnie and Clyde would."

"They don't care. They're looking to get easy money, no care for anyone," said Ahmed Salame, the Valero manager. "They came through the garage, pulled the sliding door open and she opened up the door for the guy, came behind the counter and went through all our stuff."

Security cameras captured the two criminals carrying out cartons of Marlboro, American Spirit and Newport cigarettes. The crooked couple was out, in under a minute.

"They were in and out so fast that gone prior to our officers arriving on scene," Susalla said.

"We came into work at 5 a.m. and work somedays until 10 p.m.," said Salame. "You try to make an honest living ... and you feel violated."

Sterling Heights police are now asking anyone who may recognize the man, last seen wearing a black hoodie and white shoes - or the woman - last seen in a gray hoodie, to call police.

"It's only a matter of time before somebody recognizes you and turns you in," said Susalla. "We'll be knocking at your door soon."