Both sides of Proposal 2 debate argue how amendment would impact Michigan elections

When Michigan voters head to the polls next month, they will decide on Proposal 2, which would add election provisions to the constitution.

Some rules include allowing voters the right to verify identity with photo ID or signed statement, requiring state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes, and requiring military and overseas ballots to be counted as long as they are postmarked by the election day.

Read the proposal here.

"Michiganders want safe and secure elections and this amendment doesn’t do that," said Jeffrey Litten, executive director of Secure MI Vote."We’re letting people know that this is going to put in the Michigan Constitution that you never have to show an ID to vote, ever again which 80% of Michiganders support requiring an ID to vote, with no exceptions."

Christina Schlitt, the co-president of the League of Women Voters of Michigan, disagrees with that.

"We feel that Proposal 2 would ensure eligible voters can make their voice heard," she said. "Picture ID is required. However, if you run to the polls and you get there at five minutes to 8 o’clock and you left your wallet at work or you left it at home, why should you be sent home and disenfranchised from voting when there’s the opportunity to sign a legal document?"

Schlitt added that lying would be "punishable by law, for perjury."

"It will enhance the election integrity and increase election security by modernizing how we administer elections to ensure every vote counts," she said.

Litten argued that the changes are permanent and cannot be altered if there is an issue.

"These are permanent changes. This isn't just state law. If there's a problem with this, legislators can't just go and fix it," he said.