Boy, 5, missing overnight snuck into backseat of relative's car

Loved ones got a happy ending Wednesday morning when they heard the news 5-year-old Kendall Moses was safe. He'd been missing nearly 8 hours overnight, after he vanished during a get together at a home in the 10400 block of Greensboro Street. 

The adults were sitting on the front porch around midnight when they realized Kendall was missing. His mother thought maybe he slipped out a side door and wandered off. Other family members weren't so sure, though, saying he would never just walk away. 

Turns out, he had been in the backseat of a relative's car the entire time. 

Detroit Police Captain Mark Thornton said while the adults were hanging out, the 5-year-old snuck into a relative's car and fell asleep in the backseat. The relative left the house later on and didn't see the boy. 

The relative went home to bed and her phone wasn't charged, Thornton said. When she plugged it in this morning and learned the boy was missing, and went to get in her car to drive back to the house -- and saw the 5-year-old pop up in the backseat. 

Police, family and even neighbors joined in the overnight search. 

"We were looking in abandoned houses. We didn't really find anything, just dead dogs stuff like that," neighbor Quinton Washington said. 

DPD Officers and Michigan State Police combed the area with a tracking dog.

The family is relieved to know Kendall was never in any danger, and that it was all just a misunderstanding. 

Police tell us they did find several guns inside the home while they were looking for Kendall. It's not known yet if Child Protective Services will get involved, or if anyone would be charged in all of this.