Boy gets hit on bike, witness jumps on car gets taken for ride

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A hit and run turns into a wild ride for a witness after he refuses to let the driver get away.

It was all caught on video - a driver of a car struck a boy on a bike. As he tried to drive away, Thoma Wilson jumped into action.

Thoma Wilson said he was trying to stop a man from leaving the scene of an accident Tuesday - that's how he ended up on top of a car riding on the hood. He rode down all the way down to Telegraph and Seven Mile Road. 

"I was a little hysterical," Wilson said. "I was just riding on top of a hood of a car at 50, 60 miles an hour, not knowing if I was going to live on my son’s birthday and make it home."

Wilson says he saw a gray Volvo strike a 12-year-old boy on a bike. The Volvo had been waiting at a stop sign and then appeared to hit the boy on the bike on video.

"The guy went past the truck and hit the little boy on the bike," Wilson said. "Once I saw the little boy get hit, he got up and he was mad. He walked to the side of the car and he said something to him. Once he said something to the man in the car, the little boy stepped back and kicks the car."
In the video you see the driver get out and talk with the boy. A lot of people circle round, then the man gets back in his car and drives off - with Wilson on the hood.

"I do know on dispatch that my brother was on top of this man's car," said Javon McCall, a witness. "Like, he just tried to run my brother over."

Police say the driver didn't mean to hit the boy and left because he was afraid as a group of people crowded around.

When he stopped at a gas station down the road, police say they gave him a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident and the driver was not arrested.

"They could at least have detained him," said Wilson. "For a person to be able to hit a child and keep moving. For me to wind up in that situation and I would still seem like I was the perpetrator and not a witness that turned into a victim, it disturbs me how DPD handled that."

Police defend how the situation was handled and say the driver of the Volvo will have to appear in court. DPD says the 12-year-old was transported to the hospital in stable condition.