Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys talks Detroit show, son's music

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The Backstreet Boys are playing their biggest arena tour in 18 years with a stop in Detroit Monday night at Little Caesar's Arena.

Brian Littrell surprised FOX 2 with an appearance today, with his talented son in tow - Baylee Littrell, a country music artist.

Brian spoke about the staying power of the band's music, which has endured for more than 25 years.

"We had hope, we've always run a marathon and not a spring," he said. "In the music business you have to put out quality music, it was about quality versus quantity. The labels were always like, you've got to get another record out, you've got to sell more records. 

"For us it was about picking the right songs, working with the right producers and really cultivate what was best for us."

Brian's son Baylee was performing on Broadway at just 13 years old. Now he and his group are opening for the Backstreet Boys.

Watch the video to learn more from Brian and to see Baylee perform in the FOX 2 studio.