Bridal salon to give out free wedding dresses for military, first responders

"I am extremely passionate about our veterans and our country and our services," said Meredith Rogan. "We were looking for something to do give back to the community."

Meredith and her sister Dianna, who own Joy Abendmode Bridal in Royal Oak, wanted to pay tribute to our troops by paying it forward. When Dianna mentioned a partnership with the nonprofit Brides Across America, Meredith says it was a no-brainer.

"When we do the pledge of allegiance or sing the national anthem and there were vets in the audience and they would stand up," Meredith said. "I would look at them in awe, like they did something I know I can't do. And I have always been looking for something to do to give back to them."

The sisters take pride in giving personal attention to their brides from purchase all the way to when they walk down the aisle on their special day.

They wanted to serve those who serve our country and the people who put their lives on the line every day.

Right now any member of the military, veteran or first responder can register online for a free wedding dress from their boutique. 

 "It is first come, first serve," said Meredith. "If you are a first responder, if you are a veteran and if you are a spouse of one of these people you are important, and we think that we think that deserves recognition."

Knowing the financial struggles veterans and first responders face, they wanted to help make the dreams of eight brides come true.

"I was actually looking at some stats recently and it looked like over the last month or two, the number of unemployment for younger veterans is up right now," Meredith said. "They are looking for jobs; they do need some help. They served us it's time for us to serve them."

November 5 is the last day to register. Then it's pretty easy. All you have to do is call and make an appointment and make sure you bring your proof of service. You can leave the rest to them.

"We are super excited. Working with brides is a beautiful thing," Meredith said, "But to be able to do this and marry the two means a lot and it's coming full circle."

Joy Abendmode Bridal Boutique will be partnering with Brides Across America on November 12-14.

For more information on how to qualify and register go to

After registering, you may book your appointment directly through