Bright LED streetlight bedevils Roseville resident

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There are new streetlights in Roseville, but one in particular is shining directly into a man's home making for a very restless night.

"We could play a night game in my front yard this is ridiculous."

It is hard to miss the change that happened right outside Ken Vostoris' front door.  His grandchildren sure couldn't miss it - they almost missed their favorite show, Let It Rip.

"They were having a hard time seeing the TV because of the light shining through the front door window," said Vostoris.

All this from a simple street light that was installed in a way that couldn’t be ignored.

"It is like a helicopter light shining on the front of the house," he said.

With the help of DTE Energy, the city of Roseville is in the process of changing the old, less efficient street lights with new powerful LED lights.

But instead of facing directly down to the street, it shines on Vostoris' house.

If you stood out there now and looked up at it, even though it's off, you can see it’s actually pointed toward the house," Vostoris said.

"Bright enough to have a baseball game."

There was that baseball talk again, so FOX 2 came out glove in hand to see for ourselves could it really be so bright that you could play baseball. To our surprise it was pitch black. DTE heard our call and cut the power before we could play a game of catch.

One phone call from FOX 2 got the power to light cut by a DTE crew and led to a text from DTE to Ken.

"He said the light is extremely bright, we will have a crew out tomorrow," Vostoris said.

Ken told us he tried to for two weeks to call and get something done. DTE told us they came out once before and put up a shield to redirect the light away from the house.

"There was no shield as far as I could tell the light was as bright as ever, so I called again," said Vostoris. "No response."

Now they will come out again and reposition it.  Ken's thankful for the action but says he's not convinced these new lights are better - saying they can be distracting to drivers.

He knows there is a little compromise to be had with anything new.

"It does light up the area. But not for the drivers and not for me when it's shining in my house," he said.

Vostosis just hopes the compromise goes in two directions.