British photo crew sneaks Tiger, bobcat and wolf into Packard Plant

A tiger went on the prowl in the Packard Plant on Detroit's east side Monday - but that wasn't all.

Wildlife photographer David Yarrow had a photo shoot scheduled and paid for, but he did not tell anyone he would bring a wolf, a bobcat and a tiger, sneaking them through another entrance.

Without any permission from the Packard Plant's managers, the city, or anyone in Detroit, the British photography crew kicked off a two-day photo shoot.

"It's not safe in Detroit now as it is, now we see a tiger," said Barbara Anderson-Hughes. "Wildlife? Come on now.

"The tiger could get loose in the neighborhood. With the kids running around, elderly people and everything, anything could've happened - it would've been a disaster."

"There was no mention that the photo shoot would include any animals," she said.

There is also the big issue of safety, Detroit officials did not know a tiger would be around, and even if they did, they are not equipped to catch a tiger if it were to get loose.

The city of Detroit has no animal control. If the tiger had run off, it would be up to either the Detroit police or maybe zoo workers to come and catch it.

Soon after security was alerted of the tiger's presence, the animals and crew were kicked off site.

Andy Didorosi with the Detroit Bus Company posted this video on Instagram that shows the tiger inside the plant:

Kari Smith, Director of Development for Packard Plant if film companies want to work inside the plant that waivers, IDs and fees need to be in order.

"It's just not something we would condone," Smith said. "This is not a safe place for animals at all, and this was never something we agreed upon at all."

David Yarrow and his crew, had their shoot canceled, and are no longer welcome at the Packard Plant.