Brothers raise thousands to buy meals for medical heroes across Michigan

"We are just doing our part to help out the community during these challenging times," said Maverick Levy.
A light bulb went off for the Levy brothers - when their aunt, told them a stranger dropped off a meal to her hospital - making a chaotic, tiring situation, more bearable.

 "You would never think that a meal could be such a stress reliever on someone but I could never imagine being in a hospital right now," Maverick said.
Where else to turn but social media - they set up a GoFundMe page, where a goal of $2,000 quickly doubled and counting.
"We never would have imagined dollars in the $5,000 range of raising the money.
Maverick is the social media man, younger brother Jett, is just 13 and handling the logistics - making calls and arranging drop-offs to local hospitals, including small restaurant chains too, helping their sluggish sales.  
"It's got to be a crazy stressful environment we all have to do our part to help the people out that are being the true heroes," Maverick said.
Although, they can't come face to face with the medical health professionals they are helping, they have a message from here.

"Thank you guys so much for everything you're doing for the community and for keeping us safe," Jett said.
If you want to donate to the fund: CLICK HERE.