Buck jumps through window, trashes Mt. Clemens house

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A deer tears up a family home in Mount Clemens after jumping through the front window.

The animal left a trail of blood and broken glass all over the house - but getting the buck under control and out the door was no small feat because it refused to back down.

"It was in the neighbor's driveway and turned and jumped through front window where my 12-year-old was sitting on couch," said Jason Pappazi.

"All the sudden a big brown thing flies through the living room," said Courtney Gietzen.

They were describing the exact moment a six-point buck crashed their Mount Clemens house. At first the deer made his way to Courtney's 17-year-old sister's room.

"She kicked it in the head, the dogs came after it and chased into her room," said Nicole Gietzen. "And (we) closed the door and got out of the house."

For the next two and a half hours, it was just the deer vs. Courtney's stuff.

"It was bucking in the back room," Pappazi said. "The walls were shaking."

An animal control officer opened the bedroom door firing tranquilizers at the buck.

"They tranq-ed it four times and it finally went down," Pappazi said.

Courtney's room is now in dire need of a make-over.
"Her room looks like a murder scene," Nicole said.

The deer was taken away, the damage can be repaired, they family is just thankful no one was hurt.