Burglars break in for cash, roll off with skates

Several local businesses hit by thieves as the bad guys break-in in the middle of the night. But what they stole may actually be the key to them being caught: several pairs of expensive roller skates. It happened overnight when someone pried open the back door and broke in, then they took their time.

Mechelle Bertollini owns All About Derby in Waterford. The Waterford shop caters to roller derby customers with skates of all kind, including the high end ones.

"I felt very violated. (shaken) up and scared and then I saw the back door and how hard they worked to get in...and just looking around and they were in my space, I just don't feel safe," Bertollini said. "They came to the register to get money and realized there are expensive skates on the wall."

PHOTOS: How thieves broke in and what they stole

Those expensive skates were marked with their price tag. While they're aimed at customers, they're attractive to thieves at the same time, a fact police made sure to point out.

"You have price tags, they are the most expensive ones I was like.. oh, I didn't even think about that," Bertollini said.

Waterford police arrived on scene as we were talking to the owner of the roller derby shop but they weren't looking for Bertollini. They wanted to talk to the neighboring pawn shop to make sure they call police if anyone comes in selling skates.

In addition to local pawn shops, the owner says the unique skates may show up online. She says they've got unique markings and are all very valuable. 

Her neighbor, an upholstry shop, was also broken into along with a coney island just two doors down. Police say they've been dealing with a rash of burglaries and warn businesses to be vigilant. That warning is too late for Bertollini.

"I thought I was secure, I didn't think it was going to happen me and everyone says that. But now it's happened to me and you just be more secure and look for ways to protect yourself," she said.