Bus driver's kind act: takes water from lunch for dehydrated rider

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A Las Vegas bus driver is being praised after taking water from his own lunch to help a dehydrated passenger. 

A Facebook post recently went viral after a fellow rider, Brent Leabu, noticed Mike Blair giving an elderly man a drink of water. 

"It had to be smoking hot out there," Blair said. 

Blair said he had no idea someone was taking his picture. All he noticed was the elderly man at the bus stop. 

"This one gentleman, he didn't board, and he seemed like he started to kind of grasp the wall and seemed to be like in distress," Blair recalled. 

Blair helped the man onto the bus.

"And I go, I gotta do something else, and I had a bottle of water that I brought in my lunch box," the bus driver said. "I got my lunch box out and I gave him a bottle of water."

It only took ten minutes for the man to get back on his feet. 

"He got off the bus and as he was walking off the bus he said, 'thank you.'"

After thanking Blair, the stranger told the bus driver he's 92-years-old and was "simply amazed." 

The small act of kindness has been making the rounds on social media, but Blair said he didn't know about the viral photo until the RTC and his employer, Keolis, reached out to him. 

Blair said what he did was nothing special. 

"We are all brothers and sisters," he said. "I think anybody would have done that." 

Keolis trains all of its drivers to spot signs of dehydration. 

Blair said he doesn't care for the attention or fame, but does hope the viral image will inspire someone else. 

"Maybe it'll touch people's hearts so they can be nice too," he said. 

Photo courtesy of Brent Leabu