Businesses left in the dark after Wednesday winds

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The sign says "We lost power, praying we are back on soon."

It is a common sight around metro Detroit with businesses left in the dark. Life at Sweet 220 in Livonia on Plymouth Road isn't exactly sweet right now.

In fact there isn't a cupcake in sight. No power means no way to bake and no way to keep ingredients like butter and cream cheese cold.

"But the biggest issue is having weekend orders," said Hassan Makki from Sweet 220. "The bulk of our business is specialty cakes on the weekends. We have two weddings and an engagement party this weekend."

Next door the power is also out at Ambitions Boutique but owner Tee Morris is still able to sell her merchandise.

"Everybody's welcome to come in as long as we have daylight," she said. "I have the square on my phone so of course cash but no worries, we're just working through it."

But it's a different story at Mary's Grill which is dark inside and closed for business until the lights come back on.

"There's nothing to do, we're waiting," said Mary Hodzic. "Customers coming and going asking what happened. Nothing I can do. Half the restaurant works, half of it doesn't work. But my coolers still work, I am blessed for that."