Bystander run over after cars collide in Detroit

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An innocent bystander was run over after two vehicles collided in a busy intersection on Detroit's west side. Witnesses rushed in to help using brute strength to save that pedestrian.

A witness named Ashley and another woman were standing at the corner of Greenfield and Outer Drive, when she says a speeding Charger blew the red light and crashed into a sport utility vehicle - which was driving the wrong way. The suv started spinning - coming right at them.

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"We just literally just got off the bus and walked across the street," Ashley said. "She was running that way and it just swooped her up and dragged her. She rolled like three times or four times she rolled more than the car rolled."

The woman caught underneath the suv. It crashed into a fence and the men inside took off running. Ashley tried to lift the truck with the help of people passing by.

"Everybody stopped their cars and a whole bunch of men just ran over here," Ashley said. "And we all (tried) pushing the car off of her; we were making it move off of her."

Another Good Samaritan brought a jack over and helped lift the suv off the victim.

"I was trying to get the car off of her by myself," she said. "I was holding her asking if she was okay."

She was not okay and Detroit police say she's in critical condition. Ashley doesn't know the woman; she was just another passenger on the bus, but she's in her thoughts and prayers.

"I really want to know who she is," Ashley said. "Because I don't know her and it really hurt me, like she was one of my own (friends)."

The three people in the charger were hospitalized but are expected to be okay.