Cadillac unveils new luxury SUV in Midtown

Before the lights are turned on at COBO Hall for the 30th Annual North American Auto Show Cadillac decided to get a head start, unveiling a new luxury SUV in Midtown.

The Garden Theater right on Woodward, was decked out with the familiar emblem of Cadillac served as the venue for all new 3 row Cadillac XT6. 

The SUV is being described as the Escalade’s little brother. They want to take a big bite out of the luxury sport utility vehicle market. 

"Cadillac is back in Detroit and more determined than ever to reclaim the mantle of catalyst,” Steve Carlisle President of Cadillac said.

While this model is the one on display, Cadillac has big plans for the future capitalizing on a record setting year in which sales were over 380 thousand in 2018. They are now in self-proclaimed launch mode.

"In fact we will average one new model launch every 6 months through 2021," Carlisle said. 

Focusing on autonomous vehicles with their own super cruise technology, and taking it a step further GM says it will soon roll out a line of battery operated vehicles.
"The architectural design will allow the battery packs to fit in the vehicle like ice cubes in a tray. You can put in as much water to make as many cubes you need, the tray still takes up the same amount of space in the freezer," he said. 

In other words, they have a plan.

"We are going to make Cadillac, Cadillac again."

As for the SUV that was unveiled it will hit the show room floors in the summer but they have not yet announced a price.