CAIR: Man accused of ISIS-style attack may have been 'showing off'

A scheduled court hearing for the Dearborn Heights man accused of planning an ISIS-style attack on a Detroit church has been pushed back.

Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, was in federal court on Monday as the case was laid out against him. The criminal complaint was filed last week and claims the young man had plotted to shoot up a Detroit church and was inspired by ISIS. For now, though, he's only charged with possession of a pistol and marijuana.

Dawud Walid is with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). He said it's unclear if Abu-Rayyan was potentially violent or a drug addict trying to show off.

"The dad told me that he was on drugs. He was talking to him telling him to put down the dope. He was still using dope and he seemed just to be a troubled young man that got off the wrong track," Walid said. "He was talking to a young lady who appears to have been the FBI informant and, if in fact he made the statements, that he was planning on shooting up a church. That's very troubling if that's the case. It also might have been the case that he was trying to show off for a pretty young lady that's an FBI informant."

The complaint, however, tells the troubling story of a young man purchasing weapons, retweeting gruesome ISIS videos and longing for jihad. However, he's not charged with anything terror-related. According to Walid, that's a concern for CAIR.

"My issue is if this had nothing to do with the charges that's being leveled against him then why bring it up? All it does is just further promote fear in our community," Walid said.

Abu-Rayyan's hearing was postponed for a week. His family is brining an attorney in from Buffalo for his hearing which has been rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon.