Canadian fans eager for Detroit vs Tampa Bay: 'Campbell’s got the recipe and Goff’s got the talent'

Lions pride has spread far and wide. Even fans across the Canadian border are ready for Sunday's game against the Tampa Buccaneers.

"We are Lions fans in Windsor. We really are," said Linda May on a night out to The Lions Head Tavern in Windsor, Ontario.

"Campbell’s got the recipe and Goff’s got the talent so I hope that goes well," another Canadian fan said.

Fans in Windsor are currently basking in the same energetic atmosphere that has been driving Detroit since the Lions' victory over the Rams last weekend.

"Everybody’s crazy. Everybody’s wearing their shirts and… doing whatever they got to do. We got a lot of fans that go (to Detroit)," May said. "It’s exciting."

Pat Power, of Windsor, said he frequents Detroit for Lions games himself.


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The Lions won handily earlier this year when they beat Tampa Bay 20-6 in October. But the playoffs bring a different atmosphere and there's key differences ahead of the divisional round.

"Windsor’s always been huge Detroit fans," Power said. "A lot of bandwagoners, but I think the true fans are coming out, and they’re celebrating. It’s looking positive around here. Looks fun."

Canadian fans FOX 2 spoke with said they like Detroit’s chances against the Bucs.

"I feel good, you know what I mean? We’ve eaten it for a long time, but things are looking up. I think Dan’s the guy. He's going to carry us to the win. I know it," Power said. "Tampa Bay – they ain’t got it. I think the Lions have this wrapped up, so feeling good about it."

Bus transportation is available from Windsor to Detroit, and back, for those looking to watch the Lions take on the Bucs on Sunday.