Cannabis-infused cocktails ordered off menu by health officials

Officials with the health department have forced several metro Detroit bars and restaurants to remove cocktails with an ingredient derived from cannabis - because the FDA hasn't approved it yet.

At Ale Mary's in Ferndale, they were serving a $7 dring called Sprig that doesn't contain any booze - but it did contain CBD (Cannabidiol), a derivitive of cannabis. 

Most pot experts say you really can't get high from it as there's less than point-3 percent THC in it. 

Borris Smirnov, the bartender at Bobcat Bonnies, says everyone reacts differently to the cocktail. 

"CBD, a lot of people claim it will give you a relaxed feeling but I had a couple of these - and nothing," Smirnov said.

According to those in the industry, CBD drinks are trending across the country. So why wouldn't the FDA approve this this, seemingly, harmless drink? Cannabis legal group attorney Barton Morris says there's no evidence either way, right now.
"People don't know exactly whether it is dangerous - to what degree it's dangerous. So basically the FDA says it's unlawful until they have studied it and authorized its use," Morris said.

Morris says it could take years before the FDA even approves products with CBD.