Cannabis is legal to purchase, so why not give it as a gift?

Legal to smoke and legal to purchase, there's a whole other bounty of gift ideas that just hit the market. But is cannabis a good gift to give someone this holiday season?

Short answer: Yes.

"If someone is going to give me a gift, I want some weed. I don't want a Christmas sweater or nothing like that," said Maurice Cummings of Ypsilanti.

Cummings is in Ann Arbor on Tuesday. With dispensaries now legally selling recreational cannabis for adult-use, the idea of offering the product as a present isn't so far fetched. In fact, the law is almost designed to gift the product.

"You can gift up to two and half ounces is the law in the state," said Nick Zettell of Om of Medicine. "We are seeing some people come in to get flower, flower is always a popular product. Just the cannabis bud in its smokeable form."

Paul Jensen made good use of his purchase, dabbling in more than just the smokeable form of cannabis.

"What I got today was a fudge brownie for my wife for Christmas and then I got my son a top-shelf eighth," he said.

So why should someone gift a loved one weed? There's plenty of other gifts this holiday season that would make a lucky recipient just as happy.

"We really really believe the efficacy of the plant medicine and are excited to help bring this wellness product to a lot of people," Zettell said. "Our grams of flowers start at $15 for adult use patients."

But what about the presentation? 

"Bows are nice. I would say people like unwrapping gifts, so if there's a way to actually get some wrapping paper, newspaper around it, I like the funny section to wrap with," said Zettell.

Cannabis was officially legal for purchase for recreational uses Dec. 1 of this year. After more than a year of legalization since voters approved its use at the ballot box in 2018, business has been booming for the marijuana industry. 

The holiday season isn't expected to do anything but buoy the business.

"This is the best gift. Can't get no better," said Cummings.