Canton adds two new canines, Ragnar and Tino

The Canton Police Department announced Wednesday that two new canine officers were added to the force last week. 

Canines Ragnar and Tino received certifications from the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers and the K9 Academy Training Facility.

To get certified, they had to complete the 288-hour certification program with their handlers. Both K9 teams completed advanced obedience training plus training in tracking, evidence searches, building searches, area searches and handle protection.  The teams are also certified to locate heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Ragnar is a Dutch-German Shepherd cross-breed while Tino is a German Shepherd. Both are 17-months and were brought to Canton from East Germany. They were bought and trained using funds from drug forfeiture.

Before working their first shifts, both K9s got Buddy Bags with canine medical supplies for injuries sustained in the field - plus raid vests from Brady's K9 fund, a non-profit organization founded by a 9-year-old boy whose goal was to provide vest protection for police canines.