Car flew 40 feet in air before hitting Shelby Twp house

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A car out of control jumps the curb and goes airborne crashing through the front of a house.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but the damage is extensive.

Early Sunday morning the car driven by a 26-year-old man from Sterling Heights, kind of made his own road near Van Dyke just south of 21 Mile.

"It is hard to tell by the video, but he was bottom-ing the car out and he was definitely moving," said Lt. Jason Schmittler, Shelby Township police.

Lt Jason Schmittler, Shelby Township police 1 (hard to tell by video...definitely moving")

That's for sure. So what was the driver doing?

"Cut through a parking lot, he actually vaulted the car over the wall and into the house," Schmittler said.

The business owner of the parking lot said that the car was going so fast, it broke the concrete, launched itself over the wall and into the house, 40 feet in the air.
The good news is nobody was hurt. The homeowners, were not home, and the driver apparently got out of his car and fled.

"He fled the accident," Schmittler said. "Some officers located him a few houses down a few hours later, either passed out or sleeping in a backyard.

"We suspect alcohol was involved."

The police have submitted various criminal charges to the prosecutor's office.

FOX 2: "So what do you make if this?"

"I'm just glad nobody else got hurt," he said. "It was obviously a dangerous situation and that's what happens when you drink and drive."

Likely no matter what kind of charges he's facing, assuming he's guilty, he'll have to pay for all the damage because of his flying car.