Car plows through wall at Dearborn middle school

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School will go on as scheduled Wednesday at a middle school in Dearborn after a car plowed through one of the school's walls Tuesday night. 

A car ran into the south end of the building at Bryant Middle School and actually broke through the wall. This happened around 8:45 p.m.

A recreation league basketball game had just ended when the crash happened. Nobody was hurt but they were all asked to evacuate the building. 

"We thought it was an explosion at first because we saw a hole in the wall," said a witness, Brendan Hay. "And then when we started to see more police cars and fire trucks show up we could see that it was a bigger hole. They let us know that it was a actual car that had gone through."

Dearborn police and fire responded to the scene and the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital. It's not known how badly the driver was hurt. 

School officials spent time boarding up the wall so school could go on as normal Wednesday. A late start was already scheduled for the day.

There has been no word on what caused the crash.