Car plows into Waterford Township home, kills pet fish

A family that has lived in the same Waterford Township home for about 20 years has seen more than 30 crashes in front of their residence. 

But on Wednesday, a vehicle crashed directly into their house.

"That whole wall was taken out and the car was going into the last bedroom," said Rick Sears, who's house was smashed into by a car. 

The last bedroom is where his wife and her friend were. The vehicle landed mere inches away from them – forcing them to climb out of a window to get out.

"My first thoughts were ‘is everyone OK?’ Fortunately, everyone was OK," Rick said.

Still choked up, Rick was at work during the incident, which took place on Walton Boulevard near Silver Lake Road. His 8-year-old son, Edward, was at the house they own next door.

After he knew his mom was not hurt, Edward's next thought was the 60-gallon fish tank – filled with exotic fish. The tank was destroyed amid the crash.

"Well, we had 14 (fishes)," Edward said.

All 14 fish were killed, except for one lone survivor – who was not in great shape.

Edward ended up burying the dead fish. 

Rick came home to see Walton Boulevard near Silver Lake road shut down – with police everywhere.

"When i pulled up, they said, 'be very careful because there's a lot of gas in the area and the neighborhood could explode,' is what he said," Rick said.

The driver, a man from Northville, took out the gas line and some road signs as he drove onto the lawn and into the home. The suspect sustained some injuries and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

While repairs are underway, the family will live in the house they own next door.

Police are still investigating whether the driver was drunk or high.