Car rams storage unit that doubled as a marijuana grow operation

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It's not hard to figure out which storage unit in Commerce Township had been storing and growing pot.

"You could see where stuff was dragged out. So, how much stolen, we don't know," said Undersherriff Mike McCabe, Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

A busted up door is an eyesore at a storage facility in Benstein Business Park.  The Oakland County Sheriff’s office says a renter of another self-storage unit spotted someone ramming a car into a unit Thursday morning.

"Obviously someone had knowledge there was a grow operation going in there and they rammed it with a car."

The witness called police and found marijuana stems and buds scattered on the ground.

“When the original deputy got there he saw the door was damaged and was able to get inside and see what was going on and saw this large marijuana grow operation."

Inside deputies discovered 25 pounds of harvested marijuana and 30 5-feet tall marijuana plants.

"It's a lot. Not for personal use."

“It definitely wouldn't fall within the guidelines of medical marijuana statute."

Deputies say when the renter of the storage unit finally arrived, he refused to cooperate.

"Somebody called him, we’re not sure who. He showed up."

"He immediately called his attorney and declined to cooperate with us."

Deputies are working on getting surveillance video from the building. They don't believe the owner of the self-storage facility knew what was in there.

"We did recover some video surveillance - a DVD. They’re looking at that now, but so far we haven’t found anything useful."

A 33-year-old man from Keego Harbor will likely face felony charges. Police are still working to find out who rammed the door to the storage unit.