Car thief leads police on 'Grand Theft Auto' -type chase

Some crazy video of a suspected car thief crashing with police in Mount Clemens on Nov. 12.

Take a look at the dash cam it shows officers racing towards the suspect in a 1999 Saturn in the parking lot of Clinton Place Apartments. But the suspect doesn't stop, even as another officer points a gun at him.

The officer doesn't shoot and the driver continues to back up, getting away. Police say they called off the chase - but a short time later they got their man, Dylan Michael Yates, 23.

Marked Sheriff Patrol units pursued the suspect through several streets and during the pursuit the suspect jumped out of the rolling vehicle and fled on foot. 

Numerous officers pursued the suspect on foot until he was arrested after a brief struggle.  Four officers received various injuries as a result of attempting to apprehend the suspect.  The suspect also received minor injuries as a result of him jumping out of a moving vehicle. 

Yates is charged with several felony charges including fleeing and eluding and assault with a deadly weapon. Four officers were hurt trying to catch him.