Cargo train derails in Howell

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A fault in the railroad caused a train to derail in Howell on Sunday morning.

Twenty-three cars of a 85-car train derailed in the accident around 9:30 a.m. No one was injured when the empty carts slid off the rails and crews are cleaning up the aftermath.

"During the route, a rail broke underneath the train (at) about mid-way point of the train," said Chris Bagwell, executive vice president and general manager of Great Lakes Central Railroad. "At that point, the cars then went off the track and rode down the side of the track still standing upright. They finally got to a point where they could no longer stand upright, then fell over."

A crew from Toledo was called in with rigs to lift the heavy carts off the track and should take about two or three days.

The cleanup crew said it was lucky the carts were empty, as they were on their way to be filled with grain in Middleton, north of Lansing.

Livingston County Sheriff's deputies blocked off entrances until the track is clear.