Caring and Sharing Angels sew clothes, give to those in need

Peggy Knivila will be the first to admit she has problem, a problem with fabric.  

"I have 20 sewing machines. I became a fabriholic," says Knivila.    

Knivila says she has taken her love for sewing and turned it into a blessing for herself and others. "I give wherever i can whenever I can." 

Knivila turned to sewing she says when she lost her husband to Alzheimer's disease. Knivila began making things for those in need as a form of therapy. Five years ago she teamed up with 5 fellow 'fabriholics' and formed a group they call Caring and Sharing Angels. The ladies meet once a week.

So what do they make?  A better question, what don't they make?

Reciting a memory, Knivila says the group a few years back made 200 pairs of pj's and sent them to Iowa. They've also made hats for babies in hospitals and clothing articles for kids in schools. 

And that is just the start of it. These Caring and Sharing Angels also send blankets to Indian reservations, make place-mats for Meals on Wheels and sew bags to fill with supplies for the homeless.

"We call places and ask them what they want and need," says Knivila. "We'd be happy if anyone called us and told us what they need, because we love to sew."