Carjackers target woman in Coney Island drive-thru

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Detroit Police and the Michigan State Police are working closely to deter crime in the Motor City - and it paid off after an armed carjacking Friday morning.

It was around 2 am at a coney island at Harper and Outer Drive. A woman stopped for a bite and pulled through the drive-thru. Suddenly, she was blocked in and a man ran up to her car with a shotgun and told her to get out of her car. She did exactly as she was told.

"This person did the right thing when they came up and confronted her with a shotgun she gave up her vehicle and we got it back for her," MSP Lt. Mike Shaw said.

But the bad guys didn't get away. Michigan State Police and Detroit Police work closely together to fight crime.

"We'll take DPD reports and find out the hot and violent areas of crime are and send our troopers in there to look for these violent criminals," Shaw said.

So, knowing that area could be problematic, troopers were in the right place at the right time to assist Detroit cops in tracking down the two suspects. Within seconds of hearing the carjacking report over the scanner, MSP officers were chasing the guys responsible.

"We are starting to see a large increase in people trying to flee from police. And one tool we have is our helicopter so Trooper 2 flies over scene as the cars are there," Shaw said.

That's a huge benefit for Shaw. He says the helicopter gives police the ability to back off a potentially dangerous chase on the ground but not give up on the criminal. However, they didn't need the chopper for this one.

"The individual went behind a house and got stuck. Two of the guys ran out of the vehicle. Both MSP and Detroit officers gave chase on foot," Shaw said.

They caught up to the guys, used both tasers and pepper spray, and took the suspects into custody. Both are charged with fleeing and evading plus resisting arrest. They're also expected to be charged with carjacking as well.

"Once they figured out they weren't going to get away they would put their hands up and surrender. We are not seeing that anymore. We are seeing active resistance and aggression by these people who are doing anything they can to get away," Shaw said.

Police were able to recover the vehicle and return it to its rightful owner.