Cass Tech basketball All-American from Senegal completes long journey

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Photo from the CT Visionary. 

It has been a long journey for a decorated high school hoops star graduating from Detroit Cass Tech High School.

She's from Senegal and hasn't seen her mother in nearly three years. But now some of her classmates are trying to change that.

Rose Fall moved to Detroit from Senegal three years ago, already an international basketball player on a youth Senegalese team. Her dream, is to make it a career.

"It was my mom's dream to have a good basketball player because she wanted to play before but she never got a chance to play," said Ndeye Rose Fall.

The 6-foot-3 forward played for the girls basketball team and became a standout, overcoming setbacks along the way.

"United States and Senegal, the culture is very different," she said. "It was hard to speak the language."

Today she gets her diploma, and graduates with a very bright future ahead.

"She became a McDonald's All-American basketball player," said Erika Jones, a Cass Tech teacher.  "She got offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Kentucky, Pittsburgh. She's going to Hampton in the fall, so it's just a beautiful honor to see this young lady go so far."

Rose is part of the biggest graduating senior class in Detroit. Her parents couldn't be here but all her friends and teachers were here to see her graduate.

"It means a lot to me, because on the day of my graduation I really wanted to turn around and see my mom next to me," she said.

It won't be long until Rose heads to basketball training at Hampton University, before that, her classmates are working to fund a trip for her to return to Senegal, to see her family.

"Rose has been here years without seeing her mom and I know I couldn't do that," said Kameron Shakoor.

"I've known Rose for three years now," said Ashley Carson. "And I know she's been working her butt off in school, with basketball, and with everything, and she just deserves to go home. Everyone deserves to share this moment with their parents."

Other students started a GoFundMe account to pay for her flight.

Rose, is humble, and just happy to know that the friends she's made care so deeply.

"I say it with my heart, thank you," she said.

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