Cat and five kittens rescued on Detroit's west side

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The stray cat was seen hanging out in the neighborhood. People who live nearby made sure she was fed and taken care of. She recently had kittens, and everything was going fine until she was hurt about a week ago.

“My mom suggested that it was a good thing to probably call you guys, because you could probably help me, help them. We personally, probably didn't have the money and everything to get her what she needs,” said Passion Simpson, a neighbor.

That was late afternoon on Sunday. The Fox 2 employee who took the call posted pictures of the mama cat and her kittens on her personal Facebook page, asking if anyone could help.

“Normally Detroit Dog Rescue just rescues dogs,” said Kristina Rinaldi of Detroit Dog Rescue.

This time, they made an exception.

“So the power of Facebook. I saw this family of kittens was tagged and mom car really needed help. No one was stepping up and we just thought we can’t leave them. No one’s going to go out and save these guys.”

DDR went to the 14-thousand block of Mark Twain on Detroit’s west side, picked up mama cat and her kittens and placed them in the care of Metro Area Animal Adopt Association.

As far as the mother’s health is concerned:

“She didn't really want to move around a lot. I felt her abdomen - something really hard in there – kind of felt like her ribcage had been pushed up a little bit. People in the neighborhood noted that she had been hit by a car or that a car had grazed her. She was in rough shape and still trying to take care of her babies.”

Rinaldi says mama cat is getting the medical care she needs and eventually she and her kittens will be adopted out.

“The kittens are just magical. One of them is a climber,” said Simpson. “They're just amazing.”