Cedar Point offering 'Michigan Bundle' tickets to roller coaster park

Cedar Point is about to reopen for the season and the Midwest-favorite amusement park is offering a special ticket bundle for those coming from Michigan.

The park kicks off its 155th season on May 4 with doors opening at 10 a.m. The new Top Thrill 2 coaster awaits those venturing down to Sandusky, as well as the park's wooden coaster Steel Vengeance and the fan-favorite Millennium Force.

There are several admission options for those venturing to northern Ohio, including the Michigan Bundle.

The ticket option is $49.99 and offers single day admission, free parking, and drinks all day, according to the website. The ticket option is valid through the summer season and into September.

For the thrill seekers that just can't quit, there's also a two-day bundle that's $79.99, which allows two visits this year. That comes out to a $10 discount per trip. Those buying that option may even consider an overnight stay at Cedar Point, getting a chance to see part of the park after it closes.

Season passes are also an option, which can be found here.

What's new at Cedar Point?

Every year brings something new to the park and Top Thrill 2 is this year's big unveiling.

The revamped coaster is now the world's "tallest and fastest triple launch roller coaster." Learn more about the specifics behind the ride here.

Riders will need to meet some requirements before getting on the coaster. That includes being at least 52 inches tall, fitting into the restraints, and having shoes that aren't loose. 

Glasses must also be secured, while any loose articles of clothing or items will need to be placed in a locker ahead of time.