Cedar Point teases Top Thrill Dragster announcement date

The Top Thrill Dragster may have closed, but something new is coming to Cedar Point. And we may soon know when that is. 

Over the past week, the theme park has tweeted the "08.01.23" twice, most recently referencing the Dragster. 

"A New Formula For Thrills. The pieces come together in 1 week. U ready?" a tweet posted Tuesday said.

The cryptic tweets aren't the first time Cedar Point has teased what is coming for the spot of the high-speed thrill ride, which operated for 19 seasons. Earlier this month, the park posted a photo of work on the coaster.

All tweets include "#CP24PHP," though what that means isn't clear yet.

Also, in January, a video was posted showing shots of the Dragster. It ended with saying, "A new formula for thrills" is coming in 2024.

Speculations include a ride that is similar to the original but faster or taller, or both.

Stay tuned for the potential Aug. 1 update.