Celebrating Christmas 2020 at Campus Martius

It was Christmas night 2020, and while it’s been a year like no other - it was a beautiful, snowy night at Campus Martius. 

"Today has been honestly the best day in a long time," said college student, Terell Isaac. "This is my girlfriend and I haven’t seen her in a while, so it’s nice to get the holiday spirit finally."

"We are just visiting the tree," one Detroiter said. "We just came out to take a cool photo in the snow. 

And while it was cold outside, there were no complaints from California native, Susan Jaber. 

"This is my first white Christmas and I’m 70-years-old," Jaber said. 

"The only bad thing is my hands are freezing," Isaac said. 

However, love was definitely in the air on Christmas night. It’s hard to see through all excitement, but FOX 2 was there when one young couple got engaged. 

"It (the year) was bad, but I guess thus was a great ending," said Julie Johnson, who got engaged on Christmas. 

"2020 has been a difficult year, but there have been some hidden blessings," Isaac said. "There have been some days that motivates you and keeps you going and this is one of those days."