Cell phone thief that Leduff caught gets 3-15 years in prison

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Charlie LeDuff photographed after he apprehended Orlando Thomas.

A Detroit man was sentenced for a cell phone theft that was caught on camera.

Orlando Thomas mugged the owner of American Coney Island, taking off with her cell phone.

But FOX 2's Charlie LeDuff responded to her cries for help and helped to capture the robber. Surveillance cameras captured the confrontation.

On Friday Thomas was sentenced to 3 to 15 years in prison. He is a repeat offender and his conviction for stealing that cell phone violated his probation.

American Coney Island owner Grace Keros was with LeDuff in downtown in May when she says her phone was swiped. LeDuff chased the man down, threw his cup of coffee at him, and then brought him to the ground.

LeDuff became the star witness for the prosecution against Thomas. He testified that Grace called for help and he jumped to action.

"I looked and saw him with the phone run across Michigan Ave," LeDuff said. "I yelled for him to stop. He turned towards me and said 'I'm gonna knock you out mother******.'"

Then LeDuff caught up with him.

"He swung at me, I ducked," LeDuff said. "He picked me up, threw me on the cement. Grace came to help, he pushed her. I got up, he swung again. This time I took him down and held him down. As I held him down he said to me 'I'm gonna kill you mother******.'"

At that point others came to Charlie's aid, held him down, and waited for the police to nab him.

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