Central Florida elementary school students help save bald eagle

Ms. Mullins’ second grade class at Coronado Beach Elementary School was out on the playground last week when some of the students noticed something in the bushes.

"He was right in there! Right over there where the tree is. Right there," said Rutley, Oliver, Preston, Sofia, Brooklyn and Winter in unison, as they pointed in the bushes.

In the bushes was an injured bald eagle. Mullins’ curious students instantly knew something was wrong. 

"He would’ve been able to fly away if he wasn’t stuck," Sofia said. 

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The staff quickly called the Marine Science Center to come out to help capture the bird. It took some effort, but they were finally able to reel him in. The kids did their best to help. 

"They were kind of like, ‘Be quiet, we don’t want to stress him out,’" Mullins said. "It was an amazing experience, especially because they had been reading all about bald eagles as an American symbol."

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The Marine Science Center gave the students the chance to name the bird, and after a vote, they decided on Charles. 

"It just sounded good," Winter said. 

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Charles has a fractured left wing and minor injuries near his eye. The Marine Science Center believes Charles was hit by a car, but they say he is expected to make a full recovery. The students were happy to have helped.

"Amazing! Amazing!" Sofia said. 

"I’m really proud," Rutley said. 

The students have been staying in touch with the Marine Science Center for updates on Charles. 

Ms. Mullins hopes that the class can go on a field trip there soon to see Charles in person.