Champps Americana Chopped Salad Recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of West Bloomfield Champps General Manager, Bryan Marshall. 

Ingredients    Full Order

Bacon cooked, sliced1/4", hot    2 oz wt
Balsamic Vinaigrette    2 oz vol
Lettuce variety mix, chopped    8 oz wt
Craisins    1/4 cup
Green Apple, sliced thin    1/4 of one large apple
Candied Pecans    1 oz wt
Bleu Cheese Crumbles     2 oz wt
Chicken breast cooked, sliced into 1/2" bias strips    1 chicken breast


1.    Chop green or use fresh salad mix into a large bowl.

2.    Next, add to the large bowl of salad mix: 

a.    combine 2oz vinaigrette, 1/4 cup of craisins, 2 oz of cooked bacon, slice ¼ of a large green apple, 1 oz of pecans, half of the bleu cheese crumbles (1 oz).

3.    Mix with tongs for 30 seconds to ensure all ingredients are evenly coated. 

4.    Pile salad mix onto plate.

5.    Cut chicken breast into 1/2" bias strips. 

6.    Evenly place the chicken strips across the top of salad. 

7.    Complete with garnish of remaining bleu cheese crumbles.

8.    Enjoy!