Chef Bobby's Gramma Liza's Lebanese Lenten omelette recipe

Chef Bobby Nahra from Encore Catering joins us in the FOX 2 Cooking School to teach us how to make a special omelette. 

You can get his Gramma Liza's Lebanese Lenten omelette recipe below. 

By Chef Bobby

Make in Cast iron or non stick omelette pan.

One bundle of Fresh mint stemmed and chopped about a quarter cup per omelette 
One bunch of Scallions sliced medium
One bunch of parsley chopped 
Wash all ingredients thoroughly in cold water. Allow to drip dry. 
4 large grade a cage free eggs 
Extra Virgin Olive oil. The good stuff. 
1/2 lb. Crumbled Feta for garnish. Bulgarian or French preferably. 
Pita bread and Zaatarr Bread 
Quality olives and radishes for sides. 

Crack eggs into a bowl 
Lightly scramble. Don't over beat them. Add in two heaping tablespoons of mint, parsley and incorporate into the eggs without over whisking them. 

Add two tablespoons of olive oil to your medium high heated skillet or nonstick pan. 

Add two large tablespoons of scallions allow them to sweat for about a minute.
Add egg mixture and cook on medium heat. You can bake this in the oven like a frittata and top with feta cheese if you're not great at flipping omelettes. 

You can serve it to your guests in the hot pan with toasted pita chips in zaatar bread. Fresh Radishes and quality calamata olives always go well with this.