Children say thanks to Detroit police with sweets and snacks

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Amid the controversial headlines, a group of children in Detroit take time out -- to say "thank you" to the city's men and women in blue.

A show of support - after five officers in Dallas are gunned down some metro Detroit teens pull their money together and setup what they call a sweet and snack table at a Detroit police station to show they care.

"Just to show our appreciation for the police officers knowing how it affects them," said teen Arris Bettison.  "Even though it did not happen here it may still hurt them."

These metro Detroit teens say they are still trying to make sense of the tragedy

"Killing them doesn't help," Bettison said. "(We're) just losing people for no reason."

It's also a tragedy these girls who are also cousins, say hits close to home.

Arris' father works for the Detroit Police Department and Maya Anderson's father works for the Detroit Fire Department.

"I'm really scared that it could be a situation here, they could be shot or my dad could get burned," she said.

For the men and women in blue working out of this police station, the show of gratitude means a lot.

"I greatly appreciate it, I think the officers greatly appreciate it as a show of respect and solidarity," said Cmdr. Johnny Thomas, Detroit police.

"It felt really good," said Officer Kyle Whitten. "This is my first week on the job but for law enforcement this has been a tough week and it's real nice to see something like this."

Arris' mom says the girls were looking for a way to send a positive message after a horrible tragedy.

"Violence does not solve anything so for our youth to turn their feelings into action is one of the best ways for healing for our youth," she said.

The teens say as they move on to put up more sweet and snack tables at other police stations they need your help either as a volunteer or to make a donation. For more information on how you can help, email