"Children should not be injured by gunfire," Detroit police chief responds to 3-year-old shot

After a 3-year-old was grazed by a bullet late Tuesday, the family is looking to find out what happened.

"We want answers," said Laporches Welch, the girl's aunt. "We want to know where the gun is and how could they be so reluctant to let a 3-year-old get shot in the back."

The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and has spooked many in the area. In response to the shooting, Police Chief James Craig bemoaned what happened.

"Children should not be injured by gunfire, ever," he said.

Citing the "negligence of gun owners," Craig said those should be held accountable. 

While people are still unsure of what happened, whether the bullet came from outside the house or in, the little girl is expected to be okay.

"She's doing excellent," the girl's grandfather told us. "She was grazed, but no major injury."

Police expect to have a better idea of what happened later this week.