‘Christmas Cards for Camryn’, a campaign that’s spreads Christmas joy to East China

Camryn, 20, lives with her parent, Steven and Wendy, in East China in Saint Clair County. Camryn has cognitive impairments - she’s legally blind and has albinism. But, Camryn likes Christmas cards. 

"Everybody’s feeling kind of not great after 2020," Wendy said. "A lot of people said this brought a new spirit of Christmas, that they didn’t expect to have. I got an invitation from a Facebook page, ‘Christmas cards for Camryn’ and it went through the roof."

That invitation came about two weeks ago and Camryn got four card the first day from people she didn’t even know. But then, the cards started coming to her house in pretty big numbers. She received 91 in just one day and about 1000 total. 

"We have a postcard from Ukraine, we’re getting cards from Alaska, Pennsylvania and she got her first card from Hawaii," Wendy said. 

The smile on Camryn’s face, in a year that hasn’t had a lot of smiles, says it all. 

"People that send postcards and tell us about where they live - it’s just so interesting," Wendy said.