Church's chicken on 7 Mile closed after violations found by Detroit Health Department

The Detroit Health Department issued a health advisory about numerous violations found at Church's Famous Fried Chicken, located at 2928 East 7 Mile Road in Detroit for failure to comply with Michigan Food Law.

After a complaint alleging spoiled food was being served to customers on June 24, 2021, health inspectors found several violations including; seven cases of chicken with expiration dates back to June 18, 2021. Inspectors also observed the expired chicken cooking in several fryers and found chicken with appearance and odor indicative of spoilage, the city said in a release Friday.

The restaurant discarded and denatured with bleach the expired chicken with investigators on site. The restaurant voluntarily closed its doors. The health department will return to conduct a follow-up inspection prior to reopening.

Other violations include:

  • Food employee with gloves discarding expired chicken then returned to prepare food with same gloves.
  • Employee used same batter and flour mixture for preparing both the expired and fresh chicken.
  • Fryers area observed with an accumulation of food and grease debris.
  • Raw chicken thawed in standing water.
  • Shelving in walk-in cooler with food debris.
  • Shelving in walk-in cooler with rust, broken, and missing floor tile.

Contaminated and spoiled food can cause food poisoning. The most common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Symptoms could appear from as little as 1 hour to 4 hours.

If you are experiencing any serious symptoms, please contact your physician. If you ate at this location, please contact the Detroit Health Department at 313-876-4000 or go to the DHD website at