Citizens arrest man trying to carjack truck at Wyandotte gas station

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An attempted carjacking stalled out in Wyandotte when citizens fought back.

It went down at the Marathon gas station on Biddle Avenue near Ford Sunday right across the street from the Wyandotte police station.

"This guy's crazy, he must be on drugs because right across the street is the police department," said witness Nicholas Ray. "What person in their right mind is going to do that?"

Ray doubled as an amateur videographer that night, recording what happened. He says the suspect did not have a gun but came bearing arms, physically assaulting the truck's owner, then jumping into his black pickup.

"He just cold cocked him, yeah. He just tried to jump in and take off," Ray said. "I saw the carjacker jump into the guy's vehicle and he was pumping gas into a gas can in the back of his truck. He saw that so he ran over there to get him out, but the guy punched him in the face."

The driver, who can be seen in a black shirt, was able to tackle the suspect. Then, a man said to be an off-duty Detroit cop steps in to help restrain the would-be car thief.

A woman, seemingly the suspect's friend, tried to intervene.

"Before I started shooting the video I could hear her saying 'Baby, baby, everything is going to be okay.' When Wyandotte police handcuffed him and put him in the car she was saying 'I'll try to get you out, everything is going to be fine,'" Ray said.

Wyandotte police say the suspect is still in custody. He has not yet been arraigned, but he could be facing several charges. 

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

"Nobody in their right mind across the street from the police department, in broad daylight, is going to steal a vehicle you know?" Ray said.  "So maybe this guy, what he did was totally messed up and I'm not condoning it at all, maybe he'll get some treatment, some help, while he's jail."