City approves settlement after man dies in Westland jail

The Westland City Council has approved a settlement with the estate of William Marshall, who witnesses say died in jail after ingesting a fatal amount of cocaine and being refused the medical attention.

City officials say a settlement has been reached, a paramedic has resigned and another paramedic was terminated in the December 2017 incident.

On Dec. 10, 2017, police say Marshall was pulled over for a suspended license. He was found with cocaine and marijuana, and taken into custody at the Westland jail. Witnesses say once in the cell, he was apparently sick and appeared to be having a seizure.

Man dies in Westland jail from ingesting cocaine, family says police refused help

A cellmate says he got the attention of the officers on duty, who called EMS. The cellmate says the paramedics wanted to take Marshall to Garden City Hospital, but a Westland Police sergeant sent him back to his cell. 

Another cellmate, Juston Delaforce, says Marshall was on his stomach, begging for help and the officers beat him. Attorney Karri Mitchell says an officer kicked him, and repeatedly kicked his hands loose from the cell door. 

A witness says Marshall eventually became unresponsive and police came back, but it was too late -- this was more than an hour after he first alerted police.

Man says police wouldn't help man having medical emergency in jail cell

Westland Fire Chief Michael Stradner said following the incident, one paramedic voluntarily left is or her position with the city, and the department terminated the remaining paramedic in compliance of union agreements after reviewing available facts.

"City paramedics grieve the loss of every patient they attend to and transport," he said.

Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik said he is investigating whether department rules were followed or if they need to be modified. 

Another cellmate comes forward after inmate was found dead in his cell

"The toxicology report confirmed that Mr. Marshall swallowed an extremely large amount of cocaine which became fatal. I do not know if medical staff would have been able to save him, but I do know that we should have gotten him to a hospital sooner," he said.

Later this week the estate will seek approval of the resolution before the probate court.