City contractor leaves pile of debris in southwest Detroit

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Detroit demo debris is a nice treat to go with their morning coffee.

"We sit outside and have coffee," said Kathy Derry. "That's what we have to look at."

These folks on Logan Street on the city's southwest side say the abandoned, burned up home was knocked down May 19.

"It's good they knocked it down, but they need to finish the job," Derry said.

The ugly mess stings all of the senses.

"There's a stench! It stinks really bad," said Christine Sturgill.

And on top of that, neighbors say there are rats everywhere, which have crawled into this next-door neighbor's home.

Disgusted and discouraged they are worried about the children in the neighborhood - some of which just live steps away.

"Kids can actually come through and fall in the basement too," Sturgill said.

"Where's the company," Derry said. "Gone."

City officials say the contractor, Brown Environmental, has 30 days from the demolition to get the mess cleaned up. Brown Environmental demolished the house May 19 and have until Sunday or else face getting a citation.

Brown Environmental must remove the debris, fill the hole, grade the lot and seed it. These neighbors are planning to plant a community garden.

"A month is reasonable," Derry said. "Enough time to get your butt out here and finish the job."