City of Detroit hasn't paid out lawsuit from 2012 bus accident

So why hasn't she gotten the money yet? 

Attorney Gerald Acker said the city has had the paperwork for almost an entire year.

"April 16, 2014 the papers went back to the city and they [have] been sitting on it for a year," Acker said.

The bankruptcy did delay some lawsuits, but should not have delayed this settlement. One of the city of Detroit's attorneys said at one point in time the city was given advice that claims like this be discharged and she'd get nothing. That didn't happen and the city negotiated with the state of Michigan and Goine would get her full amount minus attorney fees and interest. The city council approved that payment but it's still unknown when the city will pay.

So the city is going to be taken back to court for contempt. 

"We're asking finance director be ordered to the courtroom that day to get somebody to sign off and mike this payment" Acker said.