City of Southfield appoints deputy chief of police from Detroit to new police chief

The city of Southfield is getting a new police chief.

Appointed by the city's administrator, Elvin Barren was approved as the new chief of police at the July 8 City Council Meeting. Barren's tenure will begin July 29.

Currently serving as the deputy chief of police with the Detroit Police Department, Barren commands the largest bureau under the department's jurisdiction. With an annual budget of $137 million and overseeing 1,100 officers, Barren has 12 years of command experience.

"The selection of Mr. Barren as the new police chief will serve the community well," said City Administrator Fred Zorn. "With over 20 years of solid law enforcement experience in protecting and serving the public, he will make a great addition to our team and will carry on the high standards of the city of Southfield and the Southfield Police Department."

Barren has an associate's degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Wayne County Community College, as well as a B.S. in Public Administration from Central Michigan University. He's also working on getting his masters of science in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University.

When he worked in Detroit, he served as the deputy chief of Neighborhood Policing Bureau-East where he oversaw several segments of the police, Including: Downtown Services Division, Gaming Operations and Metropolitan Division (Tactical Response Unit, Special response Team, K-9, Harbor Master, Bomb Squad and others).

"This outstanding appointment reflects the City's utmost commitment to the safety and security of Southfield residents, businesses and all those who enter the City on a daily basis," added Mayor Ken Siver. "The Southfield Police Department will continue to function extremely efficiently under the direction of Chief Barren - providing the community with unparalleled public safety and proactive law enforcement services and programs. 

The city conducted a national search for candidtaes before settling on Barren. He'll be replacing former Chief Eric Hawkins, who resigned last September.